Robert "Bubby" Lewis Inspired Major 7 Chord Shape - 001

bass chords music theory Sep 10, 2018

Ok, so if you haven't heard of Robert "Bubby" Lewis, I highly recommend that you do! He is notorious for playing lush sounding chords that span many frets.

His fretting hand can sometimes look like an octopus!

This 4-note chord shape that I am going to show you has these notes, starting from lowest to highest: D#, A#, B, F#

Looks kinda' nuts! But, if you rearrange these notes in order of spelling, to B, D#, F#, A# you get a Major 7 chord shape.

This new order of spelling, spells out a B Major 7 chord.

Here is a crucial takeaway for dealing with complex looking chord shapes

Sometimes the most complex looking chord shape is really just a chord that you are already familiar with, just stacked in a different order!

The secret is to rearrange the notes in alphabetical order.

Rearranging notes in order will often reveal what kind of chord it is.

It doesn't really matter what note is first. Just rearrange them in alphabetical order.

So with our chord shape D#, A#, B, F#, you can rearrange these notes in four ways:

  • A#, B, D#, F#
  • B, D#, F#, A#
  • D#, F#, A#, B
  • F#, A#, B, D#

Seeing these notes in order makes it much easier to notice that these notes all belong to B Major 7.

Understanding this can really help to simplify your approach to music!

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