How To Keep Your Bass Guitar Balanced When Sitting - No More Neck Dive!

technique Sep 08, 2018

In this bass lesson, I share a super-simple way to keep your bass guitar balanced when your sitting.

What's awesome about this, is that you won't need to wear your bass on your shoulder, this works with any bass, and you do not need to physically alter your bass!

This guarantees the elimination of neck dive!

No More Neck Dive When Playing The Bass Sitting!

This approach for playing the bass guitar while sitting has some advantages:

  1. You won't need to wear your bass on your shoulder.
  2. This works with any bass.
  3. You don't need to physically alter your bass.
  4. You don't need to add weights.
  5. You'll no longer need to lean forward to keep your bass from falling. The bass guitar is very thin and classical guitar handling can be somewhat clumsy with thin bodied instruments.
  6. You'll no longer need to use your arms or hands to hold up your bass guitar. This can help keep your fretting hand relaxed!
  7. Guaranteed elimination of any neck dive.

I came up with this approach, because I have a bad shoulder that keeps me from being able to wear the bass guitar on my shoulder.

I found that by sitting on the strap, my body weight naturally countered the neck dive of my bass.

This was perfect for siting in the studio or practicing for extended periods of time.

If you play the bass guitar sitting, I highly recommend exploring this.

I'm also curious if you have a different solution for neck dive. Write me and let me know!

Do You Have Physical Pain When Playing The Bass?

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis, I recommend checking out this book. There are a few exercises in there that I found to be really helpful! 

End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery (3rd Edition)

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