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Spark Your Bass Intros With Cycles Of Note Groupings

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Cycles of note groupings force the listener’s ear to focus on resolution points.

Here is a simple application of a cycle of note groupings, used to create movement in a bass intro.

Apply Cycles Of Note Groupings To Create Movement

In this short Instagram clip, I apply cycles of note groupings in order to create movement with my slap-bass intro.

I am utilizing notes derived from a D minor pentatonic scale.

Rhythmically, I am only feeling this phrase: 1234, 12, 1234, 12, 123, 123

Explore combinations of short and long cycles of note-groupings and you will discover exciting rhythmic possibilities. You will find that your phrases resolve in places that you normally would not even consider.

This practice will stretch your ears and your overall awareness of rhythm.

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Posido Vega is a professional bass guitarist from Columbia, Maryland. His concept of Mutant Bass (2005) was born from a list of skills that he observed from his favorite bass players. This list became the blueprint for teaching himself and his students. A collection of his work can be found at:

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