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Pep Up Your Minor Pentatonic Scales With These 5 Potent Tones!

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Learn 5 potent tones guaranteed to pep up your minor pentatonic scales! This concept is extremely simple and can be applied to all of your minor pentatonic scales. Execute extremely funky results that are perfect for funk jams, slap bass licks, and bass solos over static chords!

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Achieve Musical Freedom In A Fraction Of The Time!

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Achieving musical freedom is less about practice and more about a mindset. Adopt the proper mindset for playing the bass guitar and musical freedom falls at your fingertips. Here are 4 easy tips that puts you one step closer to achieving total musical freedom on the bass guitar. It’s time to start playing the bass…

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The Solution For Any Top Heavy Guitar: For Seated Position

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Some of the most balanced guitars worn on your shoulders are very top heavy when placed on your leg during a seated position. Having to hold the guitar with your fretting hand places unnecessary stress on your tendons. If you have tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, this added stress can inflame that. Adding to that, having…

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Bass Improvisation: Always Ask Yourself This One Crucial Question

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Here is one crucial question to always ask yourself when improvising over any set of chord changes with your bass!

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The Streamlined Method for Walking Bass Lines

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Scalar and modal approaches for walking bass requires too much thinking. There are too many scale choices for each chord. Adding to that, in a single scale there are too many notes and limited time within a measure to create a walking bass line that can fit them all! All of this thinking gets in the…

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