Achieve Musical Freedom In A Fraction Of The Time!

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Achieving musical freedom is less about practice and more about a mindset.

Adopt the proper mindset for playing the bass guitar and musical freedom falls at your fingertips.

Here are 4 easy tips that puts you one step closer to achieving total musical freedom on the bass guitar. It’s time to start playing the bass guitar how you’ve always wanted!

Musical Freedom Can Be Found In The Fundamentals

The fundamentals of music are rhythm, harmony, and melody.

Start allowing all three fundamentals of music to bleed into every bass line and every bass solo you play.

This means, hearing a drummer playing a drum beat while you play a bass line. This also means, hearing a chord or set of chord changes that your bass line is supporting. And also, this means hearing a melody that your bass line is reacting to.

Find Musical Freedom In Bass Concepts Versus Bass Riffs

Bass riffs can only go so far. Often you are limited by what you habitually know sounds good.

Developing bass concepts allows you to expand on the smallest idea. Bass concepts also allows you to place these ideas anywhere in the music.

Expand Your Ears, Expand Your Musical Freedom

You are what you eat. You will naturally play the music you listen to. You can only create and compose music that your ear can comprehend.

Listen to a variety of styles of music to expand your ear. The more you can hear, the more you can imagine and play on your bass guitar.

The Fastest Way To Musical Freedom: Isolate And Eliminate Your Weakness

If you can’t hear chord changes, then direct your attention to hearing chord changes. If you can’t play to a metronome, then direct your attention to metronomic practices until you can do it. If you can’t physically play the bass guitar effortlessly, then direct your attention to technique until your fingers and hands move effortlessly.

Practice less on the material that someone just told you that you should practice, and more on what you stink at.

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