Minor Chord Substitution For Your Major 2 5 1 Lines On The Bass

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If your Major 2 5 1 bass lines are sounding square, then this bass lesson is for you!

Using a simple Minor Chord substitution, you can make your 2 5 1 lines sound less square on the bass!

Minor Chord Substitution over the V Chord

Here is a recap of the bass lesson video.

This Minor Chord Substitution works really well for Major 2 5 1 chord progressions.

For the 2 Chord, play a Dorian Scale derived on the root of the 2 chord.

For the 5 Chord, shift up a minor third interval and play a Dorian Scale derived on the new root that you shifted up to.

For the 1 Chord, play a melodic idea based off a Major Scale derived off the root of the 1 chord.

So, for a 2 5 1 chord progression in the key of C Major, you have these chords: D-7, G7, C6

For the D-7 chord, play a melodic idea based off of a D Dorian Scale.

For the G7 chord, play a melodic idea based off of a F Dorian Scale.

For the C6 chord, play a melodic idea based off of a C Major Scale.

More minor chord substitutions for 2 5 1 lines here: Moveable Shapes: Concepts for Reharmonizing II-V-I’s: http://amzn.to/2ED0OEN


Reverend Decision Bass

Bass amp – Phil Jones Bass Cub Combo

Camera – Panasonic LUMIX G7

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