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If… Then… Approach to Major Chords

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The If / Then approach to chords is a highly effective method for walking bass lines and bass solos.

When the notes are already taken care of for you, you can shift your focus on the aspects of music that really matter (rhythm, articulation, space, phrasing, etc…).

This chart outlines the scales and modes that work really well over these particular major chord types: C major 7, C major 7 (#5), C major 9 (#11), C major 6/9.

The If / Then Approach to Major Chords

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Scale and Mode Chart in Relation to Major Chords
Scale and Mode Chart in Relation to Major Chords

*Note: This chart already takes care of your note choices for major chord types. This is your chance to explore other aspects of music (rhythm, space, dynamics, articulation, tempo, phrasing, etc…)!

Posido Vega is a professional bass guitarist from Columbia, Maryland. His concept of Mutant Bass (2005) was born from a list of skills that he observed from his favorite bass players. This list became the blueprint for teaching himself and his students. A collection of his work can be found at:

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