How To Play Fast On Bass – Crucial Fretting Hand Tip

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A common mistake for many bass players is to squeeze their fretboard too hard. This video shows you how you can know exactly how much pressure is needed with your fretting hand, so that you can play faster on the bass!

Fretting Hand Tip for Playing Faster On Bass

Okay so although the bass guitar is a physically demanding instrument, when it comes to your fretting hand, minimal effort is actually required. Actually, the less effort your exert, the faster you can play.

So a common mistake that many bass players do is to squeeze the crap out of their fretboard!

Not only will this tire you out sooner, but your fingers will move much more slowly along the fretboard.

So here’s a crucial tip that can get your fingers gliding across your fretboard and put you on the path to playing much faster on the bass!

Know exactly how much effort is required with your fretting hand to produce a sound.

So how do we figure that out?

Start by continuously plucking a string.

Then lay your finger on the string.

Then slowly increase the pressure of your finger.

The string will then start to mute.

Keep increasing the pressure until you have a clean sounding note.

Once you have a clean sounding note, that is the most amount of pressure you need to exert with your fretting hand. Any more will make no difference at all.

Now here’s how we can reduce that pressure some more.

Place your fingers as close to the fret as possible.

Now why is that going to help? Well, the fret stops the string from going any further!

If I place my finger dead smack in-between frets, I can squeeze much hard and the string will even go start to go sharp in its sound!

So to really know the least amount of effort needed with your fretting hand, it starts with your finger placement. Then slowly increase the pressure until you get a clean sound.

Once your fretting hand is free from exerting unnecessary effort, you’re on the path to playing faster on the bass!

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