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Fearless Flow

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Fearless Flow is a technical device that can be used to create a continuous flow of rhythm. This is effective for bass solos and bass grooves. When applied, interesting counter-rhythms will naturally occur—masking the simplicity behind this concept.

Play Linear Grooves On The Bass Guitar

Linear grooves is not a new concept and has been used by bass players such as Victor Wooten, Les Claypool, Bill “The Buddha” Dickens, and Oteil Burbridge.

These linear grooves create a natural flow of syncopated counter-rhythms that make you sound like you are doing a whole lot. But in actuality, you really aren’t doing much at all.

This is a really fun approach to playing the bass and can yield some unexpectedly pleasing results!

Posido Vega is a professional bass guitarist from Columbia, Maryland. His concept of Mutant Bass (2005) was born from a list of skills that he observed from his favorite bass players. This list became the blueprint for teaching himself and his students. A collection of his work can be found at:

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