Drop 2 Chords – Playing Chords On The Bass

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Drop 2 chords bass lessons. This video talks about what a chord voicing is, how to create a drop 2 chord voicing, and why this is my chord voicing of choice for playing chords on the bass!

Playing Drop 2 Chords On The Bass

So before we get started, I wanted to quickly clarify what I mean by “voicing”. Basically a voicing is how a the notes are stacked to create a chord.

I can stack up notes in thirds or fourths. These are the types of intervals.

So, Drop 2 voicings are really just a specific way to voice your chords. If you want to learn more about Drop 2 voicings, check out the links I put in the description below.

But the cool thing with Drop 2 voicings is that, they are, for the most part, very easy to physically play. The shapes are, for the most part, very natural for your hands.

This is beneficial for bass players like yourself, because our instrument is already a physically demanding instrument. Our strings are thick and widely spaced. The Frets are further apart. And so forth. So, playing things that require less effort, allows you to be more free with your instrument.

Here is what a drop 2 voicing is and how it is created.

Let’s take a look at a C Major 6 Chord stacked in order from lowest note to highest note.

The notes of a C Major 6 chord stacked from lowest to highest, are: C, E, G, A

This voicing is not very streamlined, because I can barely reach the A.

To make this a Drop 2 voicing, I am going to take the second to highest note and drop it down an octave. So my voicing now becomes: G, C, E, A

So, as you can see, this Drop 2 voicing is much more manageable on the bass. It doesn’t require nearly as much effort as my previous voicing that was stacked in thirds.


Jazz Piano Masterclass with Mark Levine – The Drop 2 Book


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