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Develop Your Shout Walking Bass Feel

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Being able to play an effective shout walking bass line can be really fun and challenging at the same time.

Here are 3 basic nuances that will make your shout walking bass line feel really good!

3 Basic Nuances That Will Make Your Shout Walking Bass Line Feel Really Good

In this short Instagram clip, I am playing a shout walking bass line that was inspired by Thurman “Peanut” Woods.

Shout Walking Bass Nuance #1

Although you are essentially playing a walking bass line, shout walking bass line’s differ in articulation from the way a jazz walking bass line is played.

Often jazz walking bass lines are articulated using long sustained notes. In the contrary, shout walking bass lines often articulate short staccato notes, similar to that of a tuba.

These bass lines almost sound like Jaco Pastorious’s punchy staccato sixteenth notes. However, I feel like these notes remind me more of a New Orlean’s style tuba being played at a very fast tempo.

This brings me to nuance #2.

Shout Walking Bass Nuance #2

Previously, I mentioned a New Orlean’s style tuba being played at a very fast tempo. With shout walking bass lines, there is a strong emphasis on beats 2 and 4.

This emphasis on the weak beats, make this driving style of bass line have a nice swing to it.

Shout Walking Bass Nuance #3

The posture of shout walking bass lines leans forward. This is not a bass line that you want to lay behind the beat.

In order to allow this bass line to drive and create a strong sense of energy, focus your posture on leaning forward, placing your quarter notes slightly on top of the beat.

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