Chord Melody Bass – A Simple Method For Playing Chord Melody On Bass

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In this chord melody bass lesson, I’m going to show you how play a melody and bass line at the same time on the bass. If you want to learn how to harmonize melody on bass, then try these simple steps!

How To Play Chord Melody On Bass

Harmonizing a melody on the bass is fun and exciting. Although it might look and sound hard to do, it is rather easy.

If you want to learn how to play chord melody on the bass, follow these simple steps.

  1. Learn the notes of the scale or key of the melody. Chords come from scales. If your melody is in the key of Eb, then learn all of the notes of an Eb Major scale. Also learn where those notes are on your lowest string and your highest string. Your lowest string will be where a majority of your bass line will be played. Your highest string will be where a majority of your melody will be played.
  2. Get used to playing two notes at the same time. Now that you know where all your notes of your scale are located on your lowest and highest strings, explore playing two notes at the same time. Pick a note on your lowest string and pick a note on your highest string.
  3. Start by playing a simple melody on your highest string. Then add the lower bass note.
  4. Add some flavor. Now that you have some basic shapes, add rhythm, dynamics, and embellishments to make your chord melody more interesting!

If you want to know more about chord melody, I highly recommend this book:

Through Chord Melody and Beyond

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