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Ample bass practice is hard to fit in. Yet, regular bass practice for an extended period of time is needed to obtain a lifetime of bass technique.

This device allows your bass practice to remain endless!

Now you can practice smoothing out your string crossing, funking up your syncopated rhythms on the bass, and increasing your stamina on the bass.

Bass practice just got easier and more convenient.

Practice Bass Anywhere

The Pocket Picker allows you to practice your bass technique anywhere. This device was created by Dominique Di PIAZZA to specifically improve his right hand technique.

Because of its small size, you can pack this practice bass in a suitcase with no problem. Or, you can just carry it with you.

The string height and string distances are to actual size of a bass, allowing you to easily transfer your recent bass practice to your own instrument.

If you want to develop blistering chops on your bass, then regular practice for extended periods of time can accelerate the process.

Bass technique is part hearing and part mechanics. With the Pocket Picker you’ll at least work out the mechanics part. There are other convenient ways to practice your hearing.

You can work out polyrhythms and slap bass counter-rhythms while hiking in the woods.

If you are staying in a hotel or don’t want to bother your roommates with loud practice, you can still develop your bass groove and feel, because the Pocket Picker is incredibly quiet. This allows you to practice to a metronome and really hear your dynamic articulation and attack without the distraction of notes.

If you are revamping your finger bass technique because of an injury, you can spend the necessary time to develop techniques, such as the floating thumb technique. Some bass technique may need more time to get used to and the Pocket Picker just opened that time up for you, because of its awesome convenience.

There are also many models that you can select for your bass practice. Practice bass models include ones that have a finger ramp, an additional piece of wood Matt Garrison and Garry Willis use to enhance their finger technique!

Consider This First For Your Bass Practice

There are, however, a few things to consider before getting this product:

  • There is an arch to the strings. This arch may not match the arch of your bass. Personally, I like zero arch in my strings. In other words, the strings of my bass are flat.
  • The gauge of the strings that come with the product may not match the gauge you already use. You may or may not care about this. Sometimes bass practice on a heavier gauge can increase your strength and stamina. Just be aware that your finesse will be different when you switch back to your original bass. If you don’t like your gauge to be different, you’ll have to cut up a set of bass strings that you have.
  • The strap is a dinky string. I replaced mine with a cool shoe string from the VANS store!

If you want to be able to practice your bass guitar anywhere, you might be interested in this little monster:

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