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Reverend Guitars: Posido’s main axe is a 4-string Reverend Decision Bass.

Reverend Guitars

Bass Guitar Websites

Inspire Bass: Keep Advancing & Inspiring on the Bass!

Active Bass: Free interactive bass guitar lessons with tab, forums, resources, reviews, composition tools, and much more.

 Ear Training Websites

Hear Chords: Ear Training content with a strong emphasis on hearing chords!

Ear Train Anywhere: Train your ears just about anywhere!

Other Instrument Websites

Drum Melody: Your guide to hearing drumset melody!

Current Involvements

Inspire Bass YouTube Channel: Bass lessons focused toward advancing and inspiring on the bass!

Audiojungle: Royalty-free music (original music and sound design)

Vegasky Labs: Electronic (bass guitar, producer)

Never in Denver: Indie-Jazz (bass guitar, web design)

Harp 46: Celtic Fusion (bass guitar, web design)

Amanda Lee: Acoustic Pop (bass guitar, guitar, percussion, web design)

Nucleo Vega: Drummer/Author/Clinician (bass guitar, book illustration, web design)


Posido Vega: More about me, my projects, and my development.