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Bass Groove

Develop your bass groove and time feel. Learn how to groove with or without a drummer.

How Chords Can Make Your 4 String Bass Sound Big

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Incorporating chords on a 4 string bass can be challenging. Often, you’ll find many bass players resort to spending the big bucks on a 5 string bass or 6 string bass. It is true that playing chords on a bass with more than 4 strings opens the door to infinite possibility of lush wide-spaced chord voicings.…

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Incorporating Chromaticism With Your BassLines

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Effective Chromaticism can add interest and movement to your basslines and fills. Learn a simple, rhythmically accurate, scale for adding chromaticism with little thought!

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How To Keep Your Wrist Relaxed For Slap Bass

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There are many approaches to slap bass. Some slap bass players like the thumb to be parrallel to the strings, while others like the thumb to be perpendicular. Some slap bass players like to strike the thumb through the string, while others like to bounce the thumb off the string. Some slap bass players like…

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Master Your Bass Fretboard

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Here is a practice that I do often to push myself to become better familiar with my bass fretboard.

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Spark Your Bass Intros With Cycles Of Note Groupings

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Cycles of note groupings force the listener’s ear to focus on resolution points. Here is a simple application of a cycle of note groupings, used to create movement in a bass intro.

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