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Bass Technique

Effortlessly play your bass guitar. Master the nuances for bass guitar techniques for different styles of music.

How To Play Fast On Bass – Crucial Fretting Hand Tip

in Bass Technique

A common mistake for many bass players is to squeeze their fretboard too hard. This video shows you how you can know exactly how much pressure is needed with your fretting hand, so that you can play faster on the bass!

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2 Specific Things I do To Help Relieve Forearm Pain

in Bass Lessons/Bass Technique

Are you a bass player experiencing forearm pain? I’m going to share with you 2 specific things I do to help relieve forearm pain so that I can play the bass! Best of all, these only take a few minutes to do!

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Bass Guitar Technique Lesson For Improving Your Fluidity With Your Bass Playing

in Bass Lessons/Bass Technique

Learn 5 crucial tips for improving your fluidity on the bass, including which plucking finger to lead with and when it matters most, how to play arpeggios more fluidly, how to play fourth intervals with ease, and how to hold a bass guitar.

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Rhythm Exercise For Bass Players – How To Improve Your Rhythm On Bass Using Rhythmic Displacement

in Bass Groove/Bass Lessons/Bass Technique

Here’s a rhythm exercise for bass players that will not only solidify your quarter note feel and the bass grooves that you already know how to play! This bass rhythm exercise has two parts. Both parts require you to play both rhythms at the same time

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Chord Melody Bass – A Simple Method For Playing Chord Melody On Bass

in Bass Lessons/Bass Technique/Learning Concepts/Musical Vocabulary/Musical Voice

In this chord melody bass lesson, I’m going to show you how play a melody and bass line at the same time on the bass. If you want to learn how to harmonize melody on bass, then try these simple steps!

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