Bass Guitar Technique Lesson For Improving Your Fluidity With Your Bass Playing

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Learn 5 crucial tips for improving your fluidity on the bass, including which plucking finger to lead with and when it matters most, how to play arpeggios more fluidly, how to play fourth intervals with ease, and how to hold a bass guitar.

Bass Guitar Technique Lesson

  1. Eliminate acute angles with your fretting hand wrist. If you are sitting while playing the bass use the shotgun method for holding a bass guitar. If you are standing while playing the bass, the higher your bass, the less you will experience acute angles with your fretting hand wrist. However, the higher that your bass is worn, the more likely you will experience acute wrist angles with your plucking hand. So explore a balance.
  2. For playing lines that cross strings, such as fourth voicings, you can certainly bar the notes with a single finger. However, if you are experiencing difficulty getting that you sound fluid, then explore fingering each note with a different finger.
  3. For ascending lines that cross strings, lead with your pointer finger. The pointer finger is shorter than the middle finger for most people. So it is very natural for the pointer finger to rest on the lower strings and the middle finger to rest on the next higher string.
  4. For descending lines that cross strings, lead with your middle finger. Since the middle finger is longer than the pointer finger for most people , your fingers are al ready in position to play the next string.
  5. For arpeggios, explore the odd-even approach. Play 2 notes on the first string, one note on the next string, 2 notes on the next string, one note on the next string, etc… And this can also be done vice versa.


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