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Accurate Bass Harmonics Chart

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Previously, I published a bass harmonics chart that laid out the locations of natural harmonics of the bass guitar fretboard.

This is an even better version. This bass harmonics chart is more precise, more clear, and just plain better to look at!

This chart shows accurate fretting finger placement in order to execute crystal clear natural bass harmonics! Know the exact harmonic notes and their locations, and be able to play beautiful melodies and chords using natural bass harmonics.

Download Accurate Bass Harmonics Chart

Adding to that, you can now download a high quality, .PDF version of this new bass harmonics chart that you can use for practice and composing.

Accurate Bass Harmonics Chart
Accurate Bass Harmonics Chart

Download your accurate bass harmonics chart here »

Now that you know the exact locations for of natural harmonic notes, explore playing melodies and chords with these harmonics. Use them for your bass solos, bass fills, and compositions!

Posido Vega is a professional bass guitarist from Columbia, Maryland. His concept of Mutant Bass (2005) was born from a list of skills that he observed from his favorite bass players. This list became the blueprint for teaching himself and his students. A collection of his work can be found at:

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