Mutant Bass focuses it’s bass lessons on 6 core skills: Hearing, Language, Learning, Technique, Time, and Voice. All bass lessons are aimed to be taught in a way in which concepts, new or old, could be grasped within minutes.

Several years ago, I got an injury that forced me to stop playing the bass for an extended period of time.

When I was finally able to play my bass, without experiencing immediate pain, my time in the woodshed was still very limited.

I’d be lucky if I could practice for as little as 15 minutes before the sharp pain in my shoulder and the numbness in my finger tips came creeping in!

At first, this really bummed me out. I was used to shedding for 6-8 hours a day.

And now all I had were minutes.

But, in hindsight, this limitation became one of my biggest blessings.

With the extreme limitation of time, I was forced to reevaluate and prioritize my practice sessions.

I have always wanted to become a great bass player. And I knew that many of the greats have really put in some serious time in the woodshed to get to where they are.

In order to notice improvement after each short practice session, I had to learn how to focus.

So, I started observing musicians that I felt were “great”. I started asking myself, “What makes them great?”

If I wanted to be great, then I needed to start doing what great musicians were able to do.

I created a huge list of skills that great musicians demonstrated in their music.

I noticed that this list consisted of 6 core skills.

These 6 core skills became the blueprint for my practice and teachings to all of my students.

If time is a limitation for you, and you still want to improve upon your bass playing, don’t give up. Take this step toward becoming the bass player you’ve always aspired to be, by clicking here.